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Petrol engine CDI/Ignition Tester

Product Information

Just plug in this device to the ignition sensor lead coming from your ignition and it will simulate the sensor being triggered.


You can then;


Test the ignition without running your engine.


Check the radio interference without running the engine as it will fire the ignition at the rpm set by the dial on the tester.


You could even do a range check for ignition RF without actually running the engine.


This device can generate a signal to your ignition from 400rpm to 10000rpm, no more guess work


Suitable for DL and RCEXL ignition. May work with other brands that use a similar hall sensor

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Ignition Hall Sensor Tester for Petrol/Gas Engine
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Rcexl ignitions are supplied as standard equipment on many RC engines and any repairs
or modifications may require the static timing point to be reset or checked
The kit will allow you to check and set your static timing point as specified,It comes with a
LED SHOW and audible (Buzzer) signals.
Rcexl ignition when checking over the magnet in the trigger point. Is to stop the
light-emitting LED and audible buzzer to stop the moment when the ignition spark.
This kit can also be used to check the correct operation of the hall sensor and determine
correct magnet orientation.

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Rcexl Ignition Tachometer for Petroal/Gas Engine V2.0

1.The Y wiring tandem between in the HALL sensor and the ignition.
2.The tachometer plug the other end with Y wire.
3.Connected to ignition power supply and can be displayed
That connecting plugs do Reinforcement. To prevent vibration.
The hall sensor & tachometer wire Leave from the Ignition high-voltage wire,
And receiver wires over 30cm
Connection tachometer is not recommended after the use of flight,
Best to remove the Y wire to restore the original sensor connection
If ignition have an additional tachometer pinout.
You must be connected to dedicated tachometer signal wire.

Can not guarantee that other types of ignition can use the tachometer And guarantee accuracy

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